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On October 21st I had the pleasure to launch our very first meetup in Surabaya. As agile is one of the happening topics of discussion in Indonesia, I really looked forward to having the chance to spread the word in Indonesia’s second biggest city. We already know that meetups, given in Jakarta, brings us almost every time to physical capacity limitation. We hope, we can continue the success story of Jakarta in Surabaya and grow the community. I introduced this meetup with the topic about Continuous Delivery because it is within the very first agile principle, behind the agile manifesto.

Continuous Delivery is not the exclusive domain of ‘unicorn’ companies. I strongly believe every team can and should practice continuous delivery. It doesn’t matter if the team belongs to small start-up or to a stodgy enterprise. We discussed the definition of continuous delivery and a couple of ingredients how to achieve it. As well as why and how we use different feedback loops to gain confidence in our process of taking a change through our pipeline until it reaches a production mirror or the production server.

Afterwards, in the discussion, we cleared how the ‘confusion matrix’ might help us to identify better test-scenarios and how defect testing in boundaries influences Unit Testing.

Given the topic, this meetup was a bit developer-centric. But hey, our host was nobody else than PENS, Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya with a lot of software engineering students.

Check out few photos of the meetup and join us next time.

If you would like to host a meetup event, please contact us.

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